Tuesday 26 May 2015

Parent Council - Meeting 8 MInutes

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming along to the 8th Parent Council meeting. We had a broad representation from across the school - but there is always space for more! It doesn't matter if you come to one meeting or all of them, it is just great to hear your ideas and thoughts about the school so that we can continue to work together to improve it for your children.

The minutes from the meeting last week are posted below. Please notice the following request. If you are able to help out with any/all of the items then please just contact the office to let them know:

  • Complaints and concerns about parking can be sent directly to the Borough - contact details are on the minutes
  • We are looking for parents to come in and look at the proposed passport for Nursery and Reception pupils to ensure you feel that our expectations are appropriate and challenging enough: please contact the office or Mrs Stanley
  • If you can spare the time to come in and conduct some reading habit surveys with the pupils we would be very grateful. This will help us to ensure that we are doing all we can to promote a love of reading: please let the office know if you can spare half an hour to conduct some of these.
It has been so positive this year to have parents involved more directly with the School Improvement Plan. The Council has been a very useful way of communicating developments and getting your perspective on issues. We look forward to continuing this in 2015-16.

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