Tuesday, 30 June 2015

BMX Stunt Day

Pupils at Broadford Primary earned themselves a very exciting treat with a visit from a bike stunt team last week! Following the recent Cycle to School week, pupils had managed to cycle a cumulative total of 743 miles to and from school. This helps to:

  • improve physical fitness
  • reduce traffic congestion
  • develop cycle skills
In addition to this the pupils had exceeded the targets from last year's Big Pedal and more pupils than ever before have completed their Bikeability Level 2.

"We are so pleased with the way that all of our pupils have embraced the cycling programme that we have put in place. From Learning to Ride, Ditch the Stabilisers and then Bikeability we have seen pupils of all ages and abilities growing in confidence with their bikes."
Mrs Lois Nicholls - Deputy Headteacher

While the workshop was on, the team also told the pupils how they had to use the 4Rs to help improve their skills:

We have to look at video of what we have done and see how we could get more height in our jumps or why we fell off the equipment. We also give each other tips and ideas on how to improve.

Some of the stunts we do have taken hundreds of hours of practice. Even if we fall off we get back on the bike and give it another go. It doesn't matter if you keep failing, just as long as you fail better each time.

Afterwards Year 5&6 pupils got to experience a workshop with the 360 team and develop their balance and control skills

"I didn't realise how hard going slowly on your bike was. I thought it would be about speed, but the hardest bit was trying to balance the bike when it wasn't moving. I need to practice much more."
Drew Burkett - Year 5

With all these budding cyclists there is little doubt the pupils will meet their targets for next year for another amazing display!

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