Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Long Service Award: 25 years not out!

Incredibly Brenda Clements - who works in our school office - has now completed 25 years with Havering Council! In all that time she has worked for Broadford Primary: sticking plasters on grazed knees; doing the dinner registers; sorting out uniform; dealing with poorly children... and many other tasks so numerous we can't even remember them all!

Without a doubt she is the heart and soul of our school and one of the key reasons why so many people who visit us remark on the warm friendly welcome they receive the minute they walk through the door.

The pupils were amazed to think that she has worked at Broadford for three times long as they have been alive!

We would say 'here's to 25 more!' but then that would mean Brenda would be about 95! We'll just make the most of her while she's here and we'd like another chance to say

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