Friday, 12 June 2015

Fact Hunters:

This week we have had a tremendous number of interesting facts being shared by the children. Congratulations to the following children who have amazed us with their ability to hunt out interesting snippets of information:

Adam Abubakr
Did you know that Leafcutter ants (Atta cephalotes) have powerful jaws which vibrate up to 1000 times a second, allowing them to chop up leaves? They can strip a citrus tree in twenty-four hours.

Yemi Adedipe
The Bugatti Royale has one of the largest engines ever made for a private car. It was made in the hope that every Royal family in Europe would buy one… but only six were made. The surviving models are now worth in excess of $10 million!

Rolan Vumuka
Did you know that chickens are domesticated or farm birds? The life span of a chicken is 10-15 years. Male chicken are larger and more brightly coloured than female chickens.

Tia Himyuandi
Sadly, several seagulls died and others became ill after they are believed to have eaten poisoned chips at the seaside near Rhyll.

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