Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Parent Gym Success!

Congratulations to our first parent cohort who have completed their Parent Gym course. At the beginning of the course there were 14 parents signed up and 13 completed. At the end of the course the following comments were made regarding the course:

'Taken our parenting skills to another level'

'Helpful tips, I can't believe it's over'

'It was a great help to me and my son'

'Made new friends and new skills'

'We have only known each other a few weeks, but we all now a firm friendship group'

'Helped me to be a better mum'

Why do we use Parent Gym?
We believe in supporting our parents and families to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to be effective parents. We believe that thriving parents and homes produce children who are ready to learn. We believe that our parents should feel that they are part of the school community and able to seek advice and help when required to support their children - our pupils.

How does it work?
The programme is aimed at parents and run in primary schools across London. It is a a six week face-to face programme which is completely free!

What does Parent Gym actually do?
Parent Gym increases the chances for children's success by changing how their parents think and behave. Parents bring their children along in the morning, talk with a tutor they trust, stay for a couple of hours and end up chatting with the parents of their children’s friends, who often become friends of theirs as a result.

Without a doubt, discovering that your neighbours have very similar challenges helps people open up. Building their own local networks not only keeps parents coming to Parent Gym, but also means they have people to help out with child cover, organise treasure hunts and share a worry.

Look out for the next sessions starting in September 2015! Please contact the office if you are interested in taking part.

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