Friday 24 February 2017

Broadford hand over to West Ham

Despite Storm Doris sweeping across our playground yesterday, the children thoroughly enjoyed the West Ham Takeover day. Outside, the children took part in a range of activities which were all related to football in some way - whether it was to jump like Carroll or to throw like Adrian - the children participated with enthusiasm. In particular, the group of year 6 children who supported the coaches used their reciprocity skills to demonstrate and lead groups of younger children through the separate activities. Inside, the children participated in a Literacy workshop where they unscrambled sentences about West Ham and created their own commentary for a West Ham match. Ruby and Temira (Larch Class) impressed the coaches with a fantastic piece of commentary which is a a challenging style of writing. The writing the girls produced was one of the best they had seen in all the schools they had visited.

West Ham VS Crystal Palace will, without doubt, be a close encounter.  

As the kick off approaches, the West Ham fans are going wild: shouting, cheering and singing repeatedly. Pouring rain is falling on the players as they take to the field hopefully cooling them down before they begin. The amazing singing is continuing, each fan in the stadium displaying true confidence in the team. Manager, coaches and the substitutions hearts begin to race as the players take their positions. You can cut the tension with a knife. 

The game begins. 

As the wild crowd goes silent, suddenly the brilliant Lanzini powerfully passes the active ball to the skillful Antonio. He dodges one player, he dodges another, the crowd now at the edge of their seats. All of sudden, he takes the ball around the Palace defender, he looks up and sees Carroll's eyes glazed, just waiting for the ball to be crossed. Without hesitating, Antonio produces an incredible cross to Carroll. Now the crowd are off their seats. The ball is crossed in, the one and only, Andy Carroll, performs a spontaneous bicycle kick which ends up with the ball in the back of the Palace net! West Ham have scored a jaw-dropping goal! 

A great day was had by all! 

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