Friday, 17 February 2017

Year 1 Bedtime Story Experience

Our Year 1 pupils had a fabulous finale to the week with a bedtime story event after school. Returning at 6pm, the pupils found their classrooms had been transformed into cosy dens, with candles, blankets and a roaring fire (on the interactive whiteboard).

In one room the teachers served hot chocolate and biscuits, while next door the pupils could cosy up to hear a selection of bedtime story favourites.

Why Bedtime Stories?
We always have parents asking what they can do to help their child. One of the most effective things that any parent can do is to read to/with their child:

By holding this event we aimed to promote the importance of the bedtime story and get every parent reading to their child.

How do I do it?

What was the impact?
100% of the parents attending said that they enjoyed the chance to share a story with their child and they were now more likely to read to them at home!
Since the event 75% of those attending have said they have read more than three times a week at bedtime!

Now keep those stories coming!

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