Friday, 17 February 2017

Tudor Workshop

Our Year 5 pupils have been studying the Tudors this year. As part of their topic we welcomed in Tudor Travellers to an interactive history workshop.

The visit from Tudor Travellers was an excellent way to launch this new topic; it injected a real energy into the topic and allowed the pupils to get hands on with a whole variety of aspects from Tudor life.
Mr Lander - Year 4
The children explored the lives of rich and poor and the many laws that governed all walks of life.. In addition to this they heard about the changes to religion and the turmoil that ensued. As well as dressing up in real armour, the pupil were able to try some Tudor leisure activities, entertainment and sports.

Warfare and a soldier’s life was one of the most enthusiastically received parts of the talk, as it meant that the pupils got to try some of the weapons and dress up as soldiers.

There was so much to do! We had a go at spinning wool, making coins, dressing as soldiers. It was so much fun... now I want to find out all about the Tudors!
Ellis Drummond

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