Friday, 17 February 2017

Year 4 Church Performance

Thank you to all of the Year 4 team who organised a fantastic event at St George's Church. Every year our Y4 pupils put on a Christmas celebration as part of their Spiritual Curriculum.

  • Year 3 - Spiritual Locality Walk 
  • Year 4 - Performance in a place of worship
  • Year 5 - Random Acts of Kindness
  • Year 6 - Legacy Assembly
The story of the Nativity was retold through drama, poetry, rap and readings from the bible.

We had to look at the story of Jesus in many different ways. It made us think about the story more deeply as we had to choose the parts that we thought were most important.
Jessica Simpson

The whole service was led by Rev Rich and Reverend Shaun, who have both contributed a great deal to the rehearsals and content. What made it all extra special was the high level of turn out from parents and families who came to share in the celebration of the Christmas story.

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