Tuesday, 7 February 2017

#wearekind week - Monday 6th - Thursday 9th February

We are using this week in school to practice kindness and carry out one random act of kindness daily.

Smile at as many people as you can. 

Our facial expressions do more than communicate our current mood — they have the ability to influence our mood as well. Emotions may originate in the brain, but the muscles in the face either reinforce or transform those feelings. Recent studies have revealed that through the enhancement of positive emotions — or the suppression of negative ones — with facial expressions, a person’s mood begins to align more strongly with the emotion his or her face is communicating. That means if you smile on the outside you will be smiling on the inside. 

Ever notice how often a friend or colleague will reciprocate a smile after you share one? There’s a scientific explanation for that phenomenon. We all posses something called mirror neurons, cells that are activated when we perform a given action as well as when we witness someone else performing it. And when it comes to smiling, mirror neurons respond to the acts of both seeing and doing.

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