Sunday, 5 February 2017

Walk on Wednesday 8th February

Why WoW? 

Children who actively commute to school are more physically active than those who do not. Physically active children are more alert, ready to learn, do better in tests and achieve better grades than children who travel to school by car.

1,200 children a month are involved in road accidents near schools. Walking to school means fewer cars on the road at peak times reducing congestion and inconsiderate parking making school gates a safer place.

The school run alone is responsible for generating around two million tones of CO2 per annum, converting these journeys to walking improves local air quality.

Investment in walking boosts local economies by increasing footfall for nearby shops and businesses, and providing a long-term cost savings for local government through public health.

Fun and Social
It's an ideal time for children and their families and friends to spend together.

Walking to school can help pupils build confidence and independence, and develop their knowledge of the local community.

How does WoW work?

The concept is simple - children walk to school and are rewarded with a collectable badge, based on a fun and engaging theme. They will also receive breakfast when they arrive to ensure tat they are ready for a full day of learning.

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