Saturday 25 February 2012

Broadford In The Recorder - Cooking Up A Storm

Once again the achievements of the children have been celebrated by the Romford Recorder. This time it is their baking and cooking skills that have been featured in the news. As part of the Shrove Tuesday activities, the children were able to make pancakes... and practise flipping them!

Reception and Nursery children used eggs and flour to make their own batter mix. Despite the nature of the ingredients, there was very little mess. Of course the children devoured all the evidence in no time. Lemon and sugar were added to sweeten the delicious, hot pancakes - what a bunch of little Jamie Olivers!

Year 1 had a whole plethora of toppings. Chocolate spread, raspberry sauce and jam: these were just three of the mouth watering flavours they added to the finish product. Leo and Archie quickly became very competent at flipping the pancakes - six successful flips in all! How satisfying were the results? Just look at the way Evan, Tori and Cydney have demolished them... nothing left at all.

A big Broadford thank you to the Romford Recorder for continuing to feature the children in this way. All of them were very excited to be in the news. We just hope they don't try and turn up for school in stretch limos come Monday!

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