Sunday 19 February 2012

Fantasy League Update!

After an incredible run at the summit of the Broadford Fantasy League, Miss Tynan has been toppled. For weeks, Mr Trezise has had her in his sights. Many hours of sleep have been lost to endless tinkering with his team to get the perfect combination... but it has all been worth it. Mr Trezise now has 255 points, to Miss Tynan's 243! Mr Drakes has failed to create any magic. Instead he slumps to 6th - more Villas Boas than Mancini.

Who is the best performing pupil? Alex (Year 6) is still the best pupil in the league with an impressive tally of 222, while Yinka (Year 4) is slightly behind on 206.

There are still several matches to go before the end of the month, so check your transfers.

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