Sunday 26 February 2012

Year 5&6 Make Great Hosts

This year we have been working hard to give the older children plenty of scope to develop their speaking and listening skills. Using full sentences, having meaningful conversations and feeling valued: these are all essential elements to developing oracy and confidence. So far we have managed to hold: coffee mornings, Christmas gift sales, cookery workshops and Open Days. At all these events the Year 5&6 children have made great hosts.

"The pupils who showed me to the hall were so polite and charming. It was so nice to hear them talking about the school in such a positive way" - parent visitor

"My daughter was so proud to be chosen as a host. It has really helped her to be more outgoing" - Year 6 parent,

Well done to the latest batch of Broadford guides:

Lamarr B
Ryan M
Myles A
Taylor Mc
Kira W
Chloe P
Georgia R
Stephanie F
Kiana C

George M
Mia Rose S

We are very proud of you and the fine welcome you gave to all of our guests.

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