Wednesday 8 February 2012

Roman Day in Year 3&4

Yesterday the Year 3/4 children enjoyed a fun-filled Roman Day. Dressed in togas and resplendent in their laurel wreaths the children completed lots of history related activities. You can see in the picture that Mr Trezise, Miss Moran and Miss Reynolds were fully into the spirit of the dress up.

The main event was a theatre workshop from the Freshwater Theatre Company.

What did the show consist of? Well, Dizzy Sparkle’s live TV show Return from the Past was in danger of being cancelled! Somehow, the eager audience, had to help to save it? Assisting them were this week’s contestants from Roman Britain – a centurion, a tradesman and a noblewoman; however it soon became clear that they may in fact be more of a hindrance. Just when it seemed the excitement had peaked,   Queen Boudicca’s made an unexpected arrival?

All of the children said that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and that they learnt alot about the Romans.
"I loved the Roman show. It was packed full of amazing facts. I had no idea that Romans used to eat dormice!" Russell Lockhart aged 7

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