Tuesday 7 February 2012

Tuesday 7th - Drop Off & Collection Arrangements

Thank you again to everyone who made it in yesterday. However attendance was lower than we had hoped. The pavements are much clearer this morning, and with the mild weather we should soon have seen off the snow.

We will be using the same system for the children this morning.
  • Breakfast Club come to the 'new' main entrance (from 8am as usual)
  • Nursery children to use the usual entrance
  • Junior, Infant and Reception children to come to the 'old' main entrance, where they will go straight to class.
  • This door will be open from 8.30am this morning.
Please send your children in with a spare pair of shoes/snow boots/wellies in case they are able to go outside. We had quite a few disappointed children yesterday who were not able to go out and join in as their footwear or clothing was not suitable. They must have spare shoes, as my boots are still drying out from yesterday, so it would not be suitable for the children to be wearing them for the rest of the day.

A final decision on going out for a play time will be made at lunch.

We look forward to seeing you this morning.

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