Sunday 26 February 2012

Jubilee Card Design Winners

In preparation for the Diamond Jubilee the local Met Police and Safer Neighbourhoods team have been running a 'Design A Card' competition. The pupils have had to design a card to celebrate the Queen's 60th year on the throne. The best designs from Broadford are to be entered into a Borough wide competition, which has a fantastic prize at the end.

The winning designs will be displayed at Ardleigh Green College, before the overall winner is chosen. This will then be printed and sent to the Queen! Just imagine... the Queen could be opening your card!

Last time we took part our very own Josh Ellis won! His design for a Firework Safety poster was turned into a poster  and used across Havering. Can we manage to win two competitions in one year? Of course we can!

Regardless of the result, we judged the cards ourselves and picked out 6 winners. 3 have been sent onto the finals, and the others were judged as Best In Show. The prize was a smart, laminated certificate and a beautiful box of colouring pencils. Just the thing for more incredible designs.

Well done children. The evidence shows that at Broadford we have some very talented and artistic children.

The winning designs by Lacey, Patrycia and Jamie

All of our winners, with their prizes!

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