Thursday 21 June 2012

60th Birthday Challenges

Could you think of a theme if you were asked to collect 60 related objects? Would you be able to conjure up a link to this year's Jubilee celebrations and our Broadford Birthday? What would you choose to represent 60 years of our school?

Without a doubt our classes have come up with some brilliant ideas. Collecting, scavenging, hunting for objects they have created some unique interpretations based on the same brief: Decorate a giant 60 with exactly sixty items.

Look below to see the eye catching display that it has resulted in. Thank you to Mrs Nicholls for pulling it altogether and to the pupils. parents and staff who contributed to finding the items.

Which class came up with the best design... Rowan! As a result of their creativity our Year 3 class won some Jubilee cupcakes. Well done!

In addition to this the children were set the challenge of describing the school - and what they like best - in just 60 words. The challenge was to use exactly 60 words... no more... no less!

Pine chose 60 images of themselves with Union Jacks & crowns

With 60 pictures of the Queen, Mulberry's was eyecatching 

Rowan - the winning entry - decorated 60 crowns

Can you spot the different flags of the Commonwealth?

Our Year 6 pupils had 60 comments about our school

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