Wednesday 13 June 2012

Broadford in 1953

One of our former pupils - Malcolm Toll - has bought in a photograh from 1953. Amazingly the old hall hasn't changed that much! Malcolm Toll came in and chatted to the children before the half term break about what he remembered from school when it first opened in the 50's. This is a picture of his class in 1953. Can you spot Mr Toll? He's the one on the far left, 2nd child in, looking the wrong way!
Apparently the photo was taken during an event to mark the coronation. It certainly looks as though the children were having as much fun then as they have been having now.
If you recognise any of the children in the image, please let us know as it would be great to hear from other former Broadford pupils. Our current pupils really enjoyed the chance to speak with Mrs Hill when she came to visit.

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