Wednesday 13 June 2012

Stubbers Update - 1

Apologies for the delay in updating you with the progress at Stubbers. It transpires that a tented village in the middle of a muddy field is not the best place to get a 3G signal that allows for the easy update of Facebook as we intended!

The children have been having a great time completing their different activities. Yesterday - Day 2 - was certainly action packed. Amazingly nobody capsized in the sailing activity - which we think is a first!
"I loved the jet skis, whizzing around the lake was loads of fun" Faye Connors
"I couldn't believe that I was allowed to drive the Argo Cat. Splashing through the mud was wicked!" Stephanie Francis.

Based in Camp Oak the children have made friends with children from a school in Southend. Infact we had one of our best ever football performances against them last night, winning 2-1! Alfie Mason and George Maskell scored two great goals as we emerged from the rather damp playing field triumphant... but a bit muddy.

On Monday evening, the staff went down to take part in a raft building contest which the children were able to watch. Without a doubt the children were not particularly impressed with the adults' raft building techniques.

"It was a lot of fun watching the teachers get all wet and muddy. I thought they'd be much better at the activities, but I reckon we could have beaten them." Patrycja Stepien.

More photos from the events will follow once the camera comes home today. The upload speed available at the camp is too slow to take the quality of pictures that we have from our school camera.

Despite the rain and mud, the children - and staff - have all had a brilliant time.

We will have another update this morning once they have finished their penultimate activity, and then the children will be back at school in time for the end of the day.

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