Wednesday 20 June 2012

Bronze, Silver & Gold Trackers

Congratulations to the children who have managed to complete their trackers. Russell Lockhart and Lenny Batt have collected enough merits to finish their Bronze trackers. Emma Groom, Taylor Barnfield, Nathan Owlsey, Sophie Hann and Tolu Erinle have managed to earn their Silver Pencil. While Kirsty White, Raheem Miah, Jack Wain and James Bickell have managed to complete their Silver trackers and are on the way towards earning a Gold Bookmark!

Thomas Doidge, Bobbi Jade Hek and Ellie Cater have reached 18 Golden merits. In addition, Ife Bakreen and Alysson Kinata are able to collect their Golden Bookmarks. Just six more merits and they will reach Platinum. 

Tyler Francisco is the next child to complete the Gold Tracker. She had platinum smile when she collected her certificate. Well done to all of you!

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