Wednesday 20 June 2012

Sharing Assembly - Maple

Today we were treated to an amazing sharing assembly from Maple. Life size character studies; emotions conveyed through artwork and percussion rhythms: these were just some of the activities they shared with us.

Later this term we will get to see the outcomes of their Royal Opera House project which promises to be something special. Directed, produced and performed by the children it really will be a great piece of child directed learning. Thank you to Maple & Miss McGuinness for letting us have a sneak preview of the performance that is to come!

Keep an eye out for the video which will follow tomorrow.

These are continuous line drawings. Try sketching your friend's face, only use lines and do not take your pen off the page

Can you see which features they have bought to the forefront of the drawings?

Each character was drawn one section at a time. The head was first, then it was folded over. Without looking, the next child had to draw the body. 

Cassie, Bethany & Shope introduced their emotive based art work

What do you think the black represents?

Bubble wrap was used in the collage to represent the protection that family gives

Each of the images shows a rhythm that the children perform on their percussion instruments

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