Sunday 17 June 2012

Holly & Simona's Olympic Homework

Before half term the pupils in KS1 were set the challenge to complete a project about the Olympics or a famous person. Two of our Cedar pupils have wracked their brains, loaded up their paint pallets and armed themselves with scissors to create two magnificent pieces of work.

Tom Daley - our Olympic diving hope - was Holly's inspiration. Using a cardboard toilet roll, cereal box and card she managed to design and make an Olympic standard diving pool - with springboard. If that wasn't enough, she also included some miniature Tom's to dive from the dizzying heights into the icy cold water below!

Back in 564 BCE, the Ancient Greeks would watch their events in a 50,000 seater stadium. That was the source of Simona's idea. With some incredibly intricate scissor work, she cut out a set of Olympic rings from just one piece of card. Inside the stadium she decorated it with a running track and field.

Well done to both of you... two great projects!

Holly (left) and Simona (right) with their projects

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