Tuesday 19 June 2012

Year 5 Visit Drapers Academy

On Tuesday afternoon (12th June) our Year 5 pupils were invited for a taster afternoon at Drapers Academy.
Bubbling with excitement at working with the older children, our Year 5 pupils boarded the coach and set off up the hill. 
When they arrived, the children were split into groups. What was their task... to design, make and advertise a product that could be sold at a profit. Following the success of our coffee mornings, this has begun to be something of a Broadford specialty!
In these groups the children worked out the cost of their product, as well as the profit that could be made from its sale. All children then made the sponge cakes. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the cakes were not decorated. 
One group then went to the music department to write a jingle promoting the product and their company. The other group went to the drama department to act out an advert about a fairy making a huge cup cake to make a kingdom smile again!
The afternoon ended with drinks and an invitation from Mr Fanning to see the new school building in September. We can't wait to see what amazing facilities are going to be contained inside!

Tyler, Fury & Ella mix their ingredients

Jack, Jerrell and Tyler get messy

Tommy practises his jingle

Will the tasty sponge cakes revive the kingdom?

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