Tuesday 26 June 2012

Sampling Future School Dinner Recipes

Pupil voice has been playing an important part in helping to determine the next recipes that make it to the school dinner menu. On Thursday of last week the children were given the opportunity to taste six different main courses. Who better that the pupils to let cook know if the ideas are going to be a hit... or a flop?

Without a doubt there were some ingenious creations: nacho coated chicken pieces, spicy chicken poppers and crispy fish fillets. What was the most popular? Spicy chicken poppers received the most votes; as a result it could be appearing on the menus very shortly.

Some parents may be surprised to learn how keen the pupils were to try something new! At one point the queue for sampling was almost snaking out of the hall. It also gave the children a chance to see data handling in action - maths with a purpose! Some may have wondered why the teachers get them to design questionnaires and construct bar charts with the results... but here the value of it was clear to see.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... which to taste first?

Nicolas and Ella go for the nacho covered chicken

Ella records her thoughts on the preference sheet


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