Wednesday 20 June 2012

Year 3&4 Anglo Saxon Projects

The pupils in Year 3&4 have been working hard to finish off their topic on the Anglo Saxons. Many of them used their half terms to put the projects together. We were also lucky enough to have some of them give presentations in assembly. Tolu Erinle, Johnny Ferguson and Kirsty White all delivered their homework in front on the whole of KS1 and KS2.

As a result of these pieces of research we have learnt some very interesting facts about the Anglo Saxons. Did you know that only the richest could afford to eat meat? Consequently most Angles and Saxons were vegetarians. Apparently leeks were a speciality. Had you heard the story about the cakes (which were actually small loaves) that were burnt by King Alfred? Emma Groom had, and she had a go at recreating them at home. Johnny was impressed with King Alfred's bushy beard, and that the the Angles only had small armies. Who know there were so many interesting nuggets of information?

Well done to all of you... a fabulous effort.

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