Tuesday 17 July 2012

Alex Restores Cruise Liner

In Year 3, the pupils have been working at home on their Titanic projects. Inspired by the story of a cat named Kaspar (a novel by Michael Morpurgo) the children have chosen their own way to extend their learning.

Booklets, pictures and internet research: these are just some of the ways that the children have chosen to  present their handiwork; however that was not enough for Alex! Armed with a lump of polystyrene, plastic tubes, glue and gold letters he set to work tirelessly recreating the White Star liner.

What do you think of the result? Without a doubt his masterful creation captures the immense size of the 'boat of dreams' and the faithful replication of all four funnels gives it that aura of doomed invincibility. Did you know that one of the funnels was a fake? On the real boat, they felt that three funnels would not be impressive enough, so a fourth was added for visual affect.

Well done Alex, a stunning project.

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