Saturday 14 July 2012

Harold Hill Locality Spelling Bee - hosted by Drapers

Monday 9th July saw the very first Harold Hill spelling bee competition at Drapers Academy. After the preliminary rounds in school our spelling team was chosen. Armed with 300 words each and not a dictionary in sight our KS1 and KS2 teams have practised relentlessly for the last few weeks. Apparently they had even gone as far as wedging the spelling list into their pillow cases in the hope that a few more words would seep in over night.

Battling for the KS1 title were Leo, Lucy, Prince and Aliya. They all performed magnificently. Unfortunately they were pipped at the post, coming a respectable third place (behind St Ursula’s and Hilldene).

The KS2 rounds were tough! Cassie, Lisa, Patrycia and Tyler were spelling the hardest words within the competition. However, the speed spelling round had them all stumped and they were out spelt by Mead Primary School.
Well done to the Broadford spellers, they all get an A in spelling - although there is not an 'a' in spelling!

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