Monday 30 July 2012

Termly and Overall Attendance Winners

School Attendance Figure: 94.3%
This is an improvement on last year’s attendance – which finished at 93.15%. However it is disappointing not to have made it past the 95% threshold when we were on course to beat it earlier in the year. I know that from September there will be a renewed focus on achieving our school target as if we’re not here, we can’t learn as effectively!

Termly Award: Rowan
Miss Moran led her troops to Kidspace in Romford as a reward for their fantastic attendance this year. In fact they were the run away winners! Over the course of the year they have performed very consistently and have been unlucky not to win previously. Well done Rowan!

Overall Award for attendance: Willow
As a reward for their tremendous total the children of 95.1% the children of Willow Class were given a class set of cookies to eat from our chef Mandy and a box of chocolates to share. Mmmmmmmmm, turning up every day is indeed delicious!

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