Friday 6 July 2012

Bronze, Silver & Gold Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to the children who have managed to complete their trackers. Junior Makina, Mason Camden, Rose-Anna Weaver, Vinnie Brand & Georgia Brooks and Danielle Arnold have collected enough merits to finish their Bronze trackers.
Tobi Mogaji, Alex Paius, Leah Webb, Elsaf Zema, Spencer Griffiths, Sophie Prior, Terrika Wright and Bailey Westfall have managed to earn their Silver Pencil.

While Patryck Pala, Donavan Wright, Mia Rose Stevens, Joe Faust, Nathan Owsley, Emma Groom, Alex Wicher, Dylan Houlston and Sharna Dodge have managed to complete their Silver trackers and are on the way towards earning a Gold Bookmark!

In addition, Kailen Davey and Ellie Cater have collected their Golden Bookmarks.

David Sangojinmi and Alysson Kinata have placed the last merits in their Golden Tracker and now move onto Platinum! Well done.

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