Tuesday 17 July 2012

Weekly Winners

Class Attendance Winner EYFS & KS1: Pine
Class Attendance Winner KS2: Elm
 Congratulations to Elm who have finally managed to conquer Everest and win the attendance league for the week. They topped the chart with 98.3%. KS1 winners this week are Pine with a score of 97.4%. Well done to both classes. This week we have hit the school target as we scored 95.6%.

House Points: Green (Cricklade)
Tie a Green ribbon round the Broadford House Cup this week! With an amazing total of 59 points, Cricklade have managed to win the trophy.

 Read Write Inc Award:Congratulations to Maria Paius who has been working really well in his reading sessions this week.

 MDA Award Winner:
These children have shown exceptional politeness and consideration at lunchtime this week
Keeley Brown

Lucy Lockhart

E for Excellence Winners:These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this week’s winners!

Alisha March - Aspen

Conor Borrell - Fern

Suada Cacaj- Pine

Tobi Mogaji - Maple

Holly Maskell - Cedar

Aliya Ali - Mulberry

Emma Groom - Rowan

Stephanie Francis - Elm

Jack Illot - Ash

Junior St Matthew Daniel - Birch

Tommy Terry - Willow


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