Friday 13 July 2012

Tracker Awards Update

Bronze & Silver Tracker Awards:

Congratulations to the children who have managed to complete their trackers. Alfie Mason, Shannan Hopping and Jack Illot have collected enough merits to finish their Bronze trackers. Saffron Lubin and Charlie Holland, Faye Conners, Alex Babaianu, Chloe Trew and Sian Burnett have managed to earn their Silver Pencil.

While Alex Paius, Bethany Rees, Leah Webb, Callum Morton, Ali Kinata, Jordan Crane, Tobi Mogaji, Shope Ayodola, Olivia Gilheney and Alex Babaianu have managed to complete their Silver trackers and are on the way towards earning a Gold Bookmark!

In addition, Thomas Doidge and Charley McKatherine and Dara Adu have collected their Golden Bookmarks. Samantha Simpson and Ife Bakreen have placed the last merits in their Golden Tracker and now move onto Platinum! Well done.

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