Monday 30 July 2012

Year 3&4 Visit The Science Museum

In the penultimate week of term, the Year 3&4 classes visited the Science Museum. Once they arrived, the children had an action packed day. First they had a workshop which taught them about how sound travels.

Can you play a violin? Have you ever watched an orchestra at work and thought I could do that? Well our pupils got to try it out first hand! It might not have sounded like Mozart, but they did learn a lot about sound waves, frequencies and vibration - music and Science all blending together.

Waiting for them in the launchpad area were a vast array of practical activities which covered a wide range of Scientific topics. Look below to see Ruby and her friends balancing on the bridge that is formed using loose, curved pieces of foam... but is surprisingly strong!

Shannan investigated the viscosity of different liquids, while Beth watched as sound waves bounced off water!

"I learnt so much this afternoon. I didn't realise that sound waves could make the water ripple. If we changed the volume the ripples changed too." Beth

Without a doubt it was a fun, but very educational day out.

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