Sunday 8 July 2012

Year 5 Trip To Stubbers

Climbing walls, rafting across lakes and clambering through spider webs... could there be a better way to build a great team spirit? Year 5 made the most of the many challenging activities on offer at Stubbers to address their fears head on.

"What was I most scared of... the climbing wall. But I got half way up, so I did really well." Taylor B

What were the most exciting moments of the day? Bobbi fell in the lake (three times), Mr Drakes climbed to the top of the tower and James Bickell drove an Argo Cat through a deep muddy puddle.

"Building the raft took a lot of team work. We had to help each other tie the knots, lift the barrels and paddle." Toheeb

Driving away from the activity centre in the afternoon there was a real feeling of team spirit amongst the children. Listening skills had been developed and new friendships established.

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