Monday 23 July 2012

End of Year Awards 2011-12

These pupils have been selected by their teachers for special recognition. After a year of hard work and effort, the pupils were given awards in four different categories:
Year Group
Academic Excellence
Sporting Excellence
Excellent Effort
Outstanding Contribution
Ayomide Otegbola
Martin Wicher
Georgia Chilvers
Henry Lavallin
Elina Joshi
Alin Botonog
Rhianna Morton
Teni Adu
Year 1
Prince Onwuegbuzie
Kie Allen
Evan Andrews
Leo Mbata
Lucy Stevens
Deborah Mushonga
Cydney Ridley
Rose Anna Weaver
Year 2
Samson Wright
Albie Brown
Jack Barnett
Dawid Bekisz
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Adams
Sinead Stanley Power
Simona Raklevicius
Year 3
Joe Faust
Hakeem Bakreen
Dylan Houlston
Jamari Cousins
Kirsty White
Emma Groom
Sharna Dodge
Tolulope Erinle
Year 4
Fletcher Marney
Jordan Crane
Tommy Lee Floyd
Fawaz Bakreen
Louise Paius
Holly Berry
Kirsty White
Tolulope Erinle
Year 5
David Sangojinmi
Bailey Finlayson
Emanuel Pala
James Bickell
Amy Mason
Alysson Kinata
Ella Wheal
Tyler Francisco
Year 6
Josh Ellis
Myles Agyeman
Jamie Groom
Elsaf Zema
Cassie Bloy
Shope Ayodola
Chelsea Mark
Courtney Cohen

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