Saturday 7 July 2012

Weekly Winners

House Points: Yellow (Dulverton)

Tie a yellow ribbon round the Broadford House Cup! It almost sounds like a title of a well-known song. With a great total of 56 points, Dulverton have managed to win the trophy this week. Well done Yellow house.

Read Write Inc Award:Congratulations to Casey Trew who has been working really well in his reading sessions this week.

MDA Award Winner:
These children have shown exceptional politeness and consideration at lunchtime this week
Beth King

Freddie Lewis

E for Excellence Winners:These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week. Congratulations to this week’s winners!
Caitlin Bowden - Aspen

Jacob Owsley - Fern

Yeliz Kaya - Pine

Jamie Groom - Maple

John Rensch- Cedar

Bryan Bahati - Mulberry

Dylan Houlston - Rowan

Emma Faust - Elm

Lily Redgrave - Ash

Ali Kinata - Birch

Ellie Cater - Willow

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