Monday 15 December 2014

Art of the Brick

Mrs Caccavale has been working with a group of pupils from Year 4&5 each week on a range of art projects. In the most recent topic, they were looking at 3-D models. What better material to use for modelling than lego? To get some extra inspiration the team went to London to see the 'Art of the Brick' exhibit in Brick Lane.

"Looking at the designs helped me to think of some different ways that I could use our building materials. The sculpture of the man ripping open his chest was very dramatic. However my favourite was the traffic light heads one. It was really simple. I think I'll try something similar." Amy Sullivan

"Some of the designs had taken a long time to put together and used thousands of bricks. On the walls there were some quotes that gave great advice. I liked the bit about only building one brick at a time." George White

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