Sunday 14 December 2014

Recycled Paper Structures

This is a chance to look back at our Year 6 workshop using recycled paper to make structures designed by the children. Using the paper rolling machine, they created rods from old newspaper. These were then bound together to form tables, chairs, bins, sculptures and bridges.

"We had to work in teams to agree our designs and what we wanted to build. Our team had lots of ideas, but together we made a bridge which allowed tanks to cross a river!" Jack Wain

"Who would have thought that old newspapers could be so useful? We've saved up paper for weeks to make these designs. Cable ties were useful as it made it easier to lash the rods together. Some groups tried using sellotape, but they found it quite tricky." Mark Trew

"When the paper roller was shown to us it looked really easy. However our first few rods didn't work. When we looked at what the other groups were doing we saw they were using less paper. We'd thought that the more paper the stronger it would be. But if you use too much in one go, the roller can't tighten it together enough. Once we changed what we were doing it worked fine." Tommy Lockhart

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