Saturday 27 December 2014

Attendance & Punctuality

This has been a key priority for the last four years and there has been a dramatic improvement for which we thank you. However we cannot rest in our scrutiny of this. If your children are not in school, on time, they will not make the progress they could. Please ensure that pupils are in as early as possible from 8.30am (unless they are here earlier for Breakfast Club) and certainly no later in class than 8.55am. Learning starts promptly. By missing just five minutes a day, your child will lose out on over 2.5 days of learning time over the year!

Since September, we have lost 1,125 minutes (or over 3 school days) through lateness since the start of this term.

Mrs Taylor is required to challenge absences, look for patterns, speak to other schools to see if siblings have been present/absent and update Governors and the Educational Welfare Officer. Recently the attendance rate has begun to slip and we will do everything we can to ensure that we work together to improve the scores as quickly as possible.

KS1& EYFS: Pine 97.3%
KS2: Coconut 98.4%
Overall: 93.6%

We have certainly been hit with the sickness bug in the last couple of weeks. It has managed to catch pupils and staff out. We do have 3 classes who have managed to stay over 95%. Hopefully a good rest over the Christmas period will mean that we are able to bounce back and get above 95% when we return!

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