Wednesday 3 December 2014

Weekly Winners: Presentation, MDA, Swimming & Learning Challenge

Presentation Award:
Well done to Kulsoon Hasnain, Kailen Davey, Sharna Dodge, Grace Gore & Abena Pim-Wusu who have been taking a real pride in their work. It is very important that handwriting is neat, and presentation is eyecatching. Well done for taking such care in everything that you do.

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have been particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week.
EYFS & KS1 Tommy Watson
KS2 Albie Brown

Swimming Awards:
Matthew Leadbitter & John Rensch have managed to swim for 100m. Kye Smethurst & Smilte Mikalciete have earned their white stripe. Well done to you!

Learning Challenge Awards:
William Ilott has completed elements of his learning challenge. Well done for taking the time to extend and enrich your learning at home!

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