Sunday 14 December 2014

Fact Hunters: Tigers, bacteria & birds

Kirsty White
Were you aware that a flamingo’s tongue and beak have evolved over the years so that they can filter out the algae from the water that they drink?

Joe Green
Did you know that tigers are able to carry over two times their own body weight?

Ben Green
Relative to their size, beetles are the strongest animals on earth. The rhinoceros beetle can carry 850x its own weight on its back!

If you were able to collect together all of the bacteria in your body, it would weigh about 4lbs!

Lelethu Nombeko
Surprisingly elephants are excellent long distance swimmers! They use their trunk as a snorkel and have even been rumored to swim between Sri Lanka and India.

Simona Raklevicius
The Mountain Pygmy-possum is remarkable in that it was first described from a Pleistocene fossil by Robert Broom in 1896. At the time it was thought to be extinct. In 1966 a living specimen was discovered in a Ski Club Lodge on Mount Hotham in Victoria

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