Tuesday 16 December 2014

Scarecrow's Wedding Competition

In their reading groups our pupils in KS1 have been enjoying the story 'The Scarecrow's Wedding'. The children were then challenged to design and make their own scarecrow. They then bought these in to form part of the display in the library.

Miss Sparkes had the difficult job of judging the best ones. In the end Sky & Brooke were chosen as the winners... well done to the both of you!

Resourcefulness & Reflectiveness
I wanted my scarecrow to be as life like as possible. I did try using shredded paper, but it didn't have the right look. Then I thought about getting straw from the pet shop. Once I put that inside it looked much better! Sky Griffiths

Making a scarecrow out of clay was really hard. The little pieces were a bit fiddly, so I had to have lots of goes. In the end I got it just right. Brooke Atkinson

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