Wednesday 17 December 2014

Fact Hunters: Golf, dogs and comets

Jacob Owsley
Did you know that beavers can transform less suitable habitats by building dams? Felling and gnawing trees with their strong teeth and powerful jaws, they create massive log, branch, and mud structures to block streams turning fields into the large ponds that they love.

Olamide Otegbola
The Ryder Cup was first contested in 1927. Originally it was between the best American professionals and those of Great Britain but the competition was widened to include the rest of Europe.

Thelma Amankwah
20 years after it was established Fairtrade is a household name with over 4,500 certified products & a market worth of £1.7bn

Toby Smith
Did you know that an estimated 45% of dogs in the UK suffer from a fear of fireworks?

Connor Peppitt
Did you know that some species of dinosaur swallowed small stones to help mash up food in their stomachs?

Brooke Atkinson

Did you know that a comet’s tail can be up to 100 million miles long?

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